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July 30, 2009

My Hong Kong Experience

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Winning a trip to Hong Kong was the last thing I could think of before I learned about a radio station’s “It’s A Small World” Hong kong-Disney Land promo. It was one of those I-have-nothing-to-do days when a friend asked me if he could send an entry to the contest under my name. I said yes for the “why not?” reason. Both of us were lucky to be picked as semifinalists and as participants, we needed to submit a cd recording of our own version of “It’s A Small World After All”. My friend wasn’t able to submit his, but not me! I recorded my version and submitted it on the last day. From 30 semifinalists, the organizers picked 10 people to sing their version live in a bar in Makati, and I ended up being part of the winners’ circle. Four people won, but only 3 of us went to Hong Kong on the 16th of October last year with the radio station’s people. (It was Jam 88.3 by the way). Aside from paying taxes and airport fees (more or less Php 9, 000) and our foods for four days except for breakfast, everything was free icluding a city tour and a ticket to Disney Land! Luckily, the other winners Abby and AJ were also from the University of the Philippines so we didn’t have a hard time enjoying the company of each other.

My late grandfather was originally from HongKong and went to Manila to try his luck as a businessman just like most of the Chinese in the country, so it was like finding my roots. Although it could have been better if I was with my family or closest friends, my Hong Kong trip will always be one of the most memorable travels and vacations I ‘ve had.


July 28, 2009

On finding a new home

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 Writing my thoughts on my old blog has been my escape for four years, and changing blog host  was quite a decision.  Half of my college life was recorded in my old blog. The joys and pains, the victories and failures, the smiles and tears, all these were shared there. For many people, changing a host is just like changing domain names, subscribing to new features, or adding a new account, but for me, this is like transferring to a new house and saying goodbye to a place that’s been part of your childhood. This, for me is moving on. I just wish that in this online space, I will find a brand new home sweet home.

A screenshot of my old blog

A screenshot of my old blog

I’m not transferring all my entries from my old blog, but this will still be my same old cyber space, my diary, my online bestfriend. 🙂

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