Forever in Blue Jeans

January 28, 2010

Andrew Garcia- Sunday Morning (AI9 Audition)

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At last!! Someone showed what AI is all about! Andrew Garcia ftw!


January 27, 2010

Gabi, Umaga, at ang Dapithapon

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Minsan isang gabi, umuulan.

Ang bukas na telebisyon ang tanging nagbibigay liwanag sa silid ng binatang noo’y nakatanaw sa labas ng bintana, animo’y kinikilala ang kadiliman ng gabi. Tulad ng maraming gabing nagdaan, ang gabing iyon para sa binata ay paghihintay. Ngunit naiiba ang gabing iyon dala ng ulan, sapagkat ang ulan ang nagtakda na iyon na huli, ang hangganan ng paghihintay, ang gabi ng pamamaalam. Nang gabing iyon, tinalo ng pagluha ang pagbuhos ng ulan.

Isang madilim na umaga

Ipinasya ng binatang bumangon na sa kama matapos ang isang malungkot na magdamag. Tulad ng dati, walang mga ibong bumabati ng isang magandang umaga, at walang sariwang hanging tumatawid mula sa naiwang nakabukas na bintana. Mamasa-masa ang lupa sa labas, nagiging putik sa bawat taong napapadaan, sa kanya’y patunay na hindi panaginip ang pagdating ng ulan, hudyat ng paglaya. Subalit paanong ang paglaya’y nagdudulot ng pait at matinding paghihirap? Natapos na ang paghihintay, ngunit hindi ang sakit, hindi ang pagluha. Nang umagang iyon para sa binata, binalot ng dilim ang liwanag ng kalangitan.

At sa wakas, sumapit ang dapithapon.

Kasabay ng paglubog ng araw ay ang paglaho ng isang pangarap. Ang bukas para sa binata ay ang kahapon at ang magpatuloy sa pagsalubong sa susunod na umaga ay pagtanggap ng pagdurusa. Malinaw sa binata ang kanyang kahinaan at tinanggap niya ito gaya ng pagharap niya sa ulan nang nakaraang gabi. Kagabi ay gabi ng pamamaalam sa nakaraan at ang lumipas na umaga ay araw ng paglaya, paglayang humantong sa pagsuko at umagang naghatid sa binata sa dapithapong hindi na baon ang gabi. Nagpasya siyang isara na ang bintana at tuluyang talikuran ang lahat. Dumating na ang dapithapon, ngunit di tulad ng dati, hindi na darating ang gabi, at ang umaga.

*Sa kamatayan, nawawalan ng buhay ang katawan, ngunit hindi ang kaluluwa.

January 25, 2010

F*%#ck You in Different Languages

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Another one from Mo Twister’s blog! “Fuck you” in different languages! Here’s my pick: “Pisti!”(Lithuania). LOL.

January 22, 2010

Me in Korea!

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I’m transferring some albums from my multiply account, and here’s the first. 🙂

Some pictures from my 21-day stay in South Korea. *sniff* I miss those days. Korea!! I promise I’ll go back! *tears*

January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Lola!

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It’s my late grandmother’s birthday today! Happy birthday Lola! I know you’re having a great time up there! 🙂 Happy birthday! I love you! 🙂

January 15, 2010

Forever in Blue Jeans*

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“Money talks
But it don’t sing and dance
And it don’t walk”

Right! I got my page title from Neil Diamond’s classic Forever in Blue Jeans. The song automatically entered my favorites list when I first listened to it. I just love its simplicity. Every line is so pure and natural. And maybe, just maybe, haha, the song speaks of how I see love. Yes, “..and long as I can have you here with me, I’d much rather be.. forever in blue jeans.”

Try to listen to the song. Loooooooove! 🙂 (Click this this if you can’t see the video.)

*Thanks to Neil Diamond and Richard Bennett, the hearts behind this wonderful song 🙂

January 14, 2010

On AI9’s Premiere

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Some notes on AI 9’s first episode:

1. Since the first auditions were in Boston, I expected to hear the song Boston! Haha. And I was right and I loved it. Boston’s one of my ultimate favorite songs.

2. Victoria Beckham sounded soooooo sweet even when saying negative comments. I super love her as a judge. Leave the singing part to the other judges.

3. No one stood out, but I particularly liked three: Benjamin Bright(All My Loving), Leah Laurenti (Blue Skies) , and Jennifer Hirsh (Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead).

4. Get Paula Abdul back and let her sit beside Simon again. Pleeeeease!

5. It was a BORING premiere.

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January 12, 2010

American Idol Season 9 tomorrow!

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Although we got the most heart-breaking idol news that Paula Abdul won’t be part of this season’s idol, there are still plenty of things to look forward to. Ellen DeGeneres and a lot of guest judges will surely put new spice on the 9th season of American Idol. We’ll also find out who among the previous rejects will be given another shot at superstardom. AI9, my favorite show on earth, starts tomorrow! *jump jump*

January 8, 2010

2009 Most Beautiful Magazine Covers and Cover Girls

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Landing a magazine cover nowadays can only mean three things: the celebrity’s a hot property, she is an icon in her field, mostly from the fashion or the showbiz industry, or a young star is simply proclaiming that she just turned into a “woman”. May it be for Mega or Preview, Uno or Rogue, FHM or Maxim, Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire, Metro, Manual, Meg or Candy, and whether dressed or bare, sweet or wild, fashionable or sexy, for art or for “career move”, being a cover girl is something a female celebrity would kill for.

I listed down ten (10) of which I think are the hottest and most beautiful covers and cover girls of 2009.



Georgina Wilson never fails to deliver beauty and charm, but this cover proves that she can also be dark and fierce. A little more of the background and Georgina’s body could have made this cover more interesting though.


Put these three modelesque ladies on one cover and get that classic supermodel vibe. Tweetie De Leon proves that she doesn’t age as she joins younger beauties Carmina Villaroel and Megan Young who are equally stunning and fresh in Mega’s May issue.


Former beauty queen Tisha Silang will put your kitchen on fire as she unleashes her sexy side in UNO’s April issue. This cover shows that with the right model and execution, a not-so-special concept can turn into a classy hot cover!

7. JO-AN BITAGCOL- MEGA (September)

Seeing Pinay supermodel Jo-an Bitagcol on the cover of a fashion magazine is truly a breath of fresh air, especially if you are tired of seeing actresses, dressed and glamorized, trying to look like real working models. Jo-an proves that a real model still looks fab and fierce even without heavy make-up or avant-garde outfit.


Surely, you can see Angelina Jolie on this, but Isabelle Daza is still all present in this April issue of Preview as she leaves her sweet image and dares to show her wild side. The guy below adds to the animalistic appeal of this cover.


UNO’s power to put socialites on their cover is once again proven as Celine Lopez graces it’s June issue. The minimal use of colors and letters plus Celine and her androgynous appeal make this one of the most classy covers of 2009.


I’m not a fan of Ornusa’s look but in UNO’s October issue, she manages to project strong and sexy even with arrows piercing her body.


Anne Curtis is probably the most favorite actress of many designers, stylists, and fashion editors. Her amazing bone structure and modelesque features landed her a cover of almost all local magazines. In Preview’s November issue, Anne once again proves that she deserves the admiration she gets because of her beauty and fashion sense. Anne Curtis can just sit down and still get a picture that can be part of high-fashion spreads.


Filipina model Karen Pamintuan surely makes a big big splash in this March issue of UNO. Karen’s look perfectly fits into the raw and haunting appeal of this crafty cover.


Model, make-up artist, and Penshoppe’s face Solenn Heussaff lends her beauty as she graces the cover of Rogue’s September issue. Cover girl wannabes should take a 101 lesson with Solenn so they get to learn what classy, sexy, elegant and tasteful modeling is. This cover is just….. POWER!

January 7, 2010

Follow me on Tumblr!

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The more, the merrier! So leeeeet’s Tumblr! Here’s mine:

See you there, alright? 🙂

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