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February 25, 2010

Idol Forecast: Top 12 Girls

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Idol 9’s live show started last night and I am back to give you my fearless forecast! Yay! I miss doing this!

Majority of the girls are not your singing competitions’ typical belters, making this season’s top 12 girls the most interesting batch of female contestants in idol. I love that most of them sound so contemporary and they don’t pick the usual self-centered, this-is-my-journey, i-can-hit-that-note-by-mariah-and-whitney songs. Reserve those for the finale. 🙂

I divided the girls into four groups and after each group is my verdict. Here it goes!

Group A: Didi Benami, Lilly Scott, Lacey Brown aka the girls I’ve been rooting for since the first rounds of the competition.

Didi Benami impressed the judges when she sang Terrified during the Hollywood week. Though she didn’t give a solid performance last night with her rendition of The Way I Am, her voice and the way she plays with her singing guarantee her a spot for next week. She gave me chills and made me smile, and so I am officially in love with Didi Benami.

Lilly Scott is an artist. She has the indie appeal that will give her a solid fan base. She is not pop and may not have the appeal of previous female idol contestants and winners, but Lilly will definitely leave some good marks on this season’s idol. Lilly’s version of BeatlesFixing A Whole, which I absolutely love, rocked in special ways.

I don’t know why, but Lacey Brown reminds me of Bjork and Bjork’s singing. When she opens her mouth to hit those high notes, I see Bjork. And because I adore Bjork, I adore Lacey. Lacey’s version of What A Wonderful World is enough to give her a spot in the finals. I hope America will remember this and give her a chance to redeem herself next week.

My Verdict: Didi and Lilly are going through, but Lacey’s in danger. America, please save Lacey! Save my girls!

Group B: Siobhan Magnus, Katelyn Epperly, Paige Miles aka the girls who surprised me and the girls who had few appearances prior to the live show

Siobhan Magnus got the best comments last night and she may have the final spot next week ‘coz she’s definitely going through. I can’t wait to watch her next performance! It seems that she has some surprises in store for us. The girl reminds me of Lea Michelle, Lea Salonga and Filipina celebrity Jackie Foster. Wahaha.

I find Katelyn Epperly cute and adorable, and there’s something in her voice that is current and exciting. Paige Miles, on the other hand, should get the diva spot ‘coz of her big and powerful vocals. She’s singing the Christina Aguilera style and I like it.

My Verdict: We’ll see these girls next week.

Group C: Kathie Stevens, Crystal Bowersox, Haeley Vaughn, Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez aka the girls I really don’t care about

Since I really don’t care if these girls will make it or not, only one of them is fortunately or unfortunately getting my words. I knew it! They would give Kathie Stevens the final spot! Unfortunately, her performance disappointed the judges, but I think she has a good voice, but not mature enough for idol though.

My verdict: Crystal and Haeley will be safe. Kathie, Jessica and Janell are in the same boat, and that boat is sinking.

Group D: Michelle Delamor, Crystal Bowersox aka the girls that I do not like

Yes, Crystal belongs to two groups. I don’t like her only because she reminds me of someone who annoys me big time! And my biggest question this season: What is Michelle Delamor doing on that stage?! She has no star power, her singing is very old school, her movement is so cabaret, her voice is so average for a black singer, her tone becomes shaky when she reaches the high notes, she is forgettable and, her hair is so outdated. In short, she is soo not deserving. And my second biggest question, How come she got good comments from the judges??

My Verdict: Crystal is going through, and I hate to say that Michelle will be safe. However!!!!! These are just predictions! Wahaha. America, please be with me on this one!

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  1. Wokey, karirin daw ba.

    Firstly, I like Crystal and Siobhan. I didnt like the Alanis Morissette bit though.

    Ashley Rodriguez and Michelle Delamor = they look almost the same. Therefore, one of them will be leaving soon. I cant even remember kung sino sa kanila ang mas matino.

    I HATE what Haeley did. WTF was that? And Paige Miles? Ugh, bad song! I hate it din.

    I wish they save Lacey and that Katelyn girl (though tae perf din sya), mukha silang interesting.

    Comment by Sani — February 25, 2010 @ 1:23 pm

  2. And btw, ang boring ng show last night. Walang stand out. I’m feel na matino boys later. Hindi ko pa kasi napapanuod most of them. Haha

    Comment by Sani — February 25, 2010 @ 1:25 pm

  3. Boring ngaaa! I hope i-level up ng boys tonight ang laban. 🙂

    We can only wish for Lacey’s safety. Kung makakaboto lang ako!

    Comment by jaysonyang — February 25, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

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