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March 11, 2011

Fearless Forecast: AI Season 10 Top 13

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Quick notes on today’s AI:

Lauren Alaina (Any Man of Mine)- I heard the Carrie-Kelly tone tonight. She did good, but definitely not her best. With that voice, she can pick a song that will give her a defining moment.

Casey Abrams (With A Little Help From My Friends)- Exciting performer. I can’t think of any idol contestant with that style and presence. Brilliant.

Ashton Jones (When You Tell Me That You Love Me)- Terrible arrangement. Bad vocals. Inappropriate moves. Everything was wrong, even the hair.

Paul Mconald (Come Pick Me Up)- Not the perfect song, not pitch-perfect, but he is real. Authentic. Artist.

Pia Tuscano (All By Myself)- Arrangement could have been better, but she pulled it off. Girl is overrated. I wonder if the judges heard Charice’s rendition.

James Durbin (Maybe I’m Amazed)- There were pitchy parts, but he’s getting better. Really really nice performance.

Haley Reinhart (Blue)- I’m a fan. Love her voice and her style! She is so current. Randy Jackson needs some wake-up call.

Jacob Lusk (I Believe I Can Fly)- Tell me, was it a finale? What’s with back-up singers?! Lol. Amazing vocals, but i’m getting bored.

Thia Megia (Smile)- Freshness. Class. Charisma. It could have been better, but it was lovely enough to make me love her even more.

Stefano Langone (Lately)-  Except for the upbeat parts, I thought it was a bad performance. I heard some brilliant moments, but I still didn’t like it as a whole.

Karen Rodriguez (I Could Fall In Love)- Pitchy. Nothing special. Mediocre. Only the last note was good.

Scotty McCreery (The River)- He can never go wrong with country music.

Naima Adedapo (Umbrella)- Surprising. Funny. Adorable or annoying, I don’t know. I thought the reggae part was awesome. Lol at the lightning effect!

Now who’s getting the boot? Either Karen or Ashton

The rest will be safe.





  1. Lauren – I love her voice. Dixie chicks/carrie/kelly nga atake nya and for sure she has a lot to offer with that wonderful voice.

    I super love Casey Abrams!!! He always offer something new to the stage and the intensity my God! And I find him adorable kinda reminds me of Luke of Modern Family.hehe

    Pia sure has a powerful voice but I agree the arrangement was so-so. But my God sobrang linis din nya kumanta/bumirit.

    James – His voice could go everywhere literally. Hope he would be able to create a style that would separate him from Adam Lambert.

    Paul – I didn’t like his performance and I am not a fan of his voice.

    Ashton – I used to love her pero her performance was just terrible.

    Haley – I love her!!! Her yodeling keeps on playing in my head until now! Wonderful voice. Deadma kay Randy.

    Jacob- I didn’t like how he shifted from the refrain to the chorus, it was kinda pitchy and weird. But then he was able to gain control in the end. At kung makabirit din si teh ah! Ang close na namin ng tonsil nya.

    Thia – Sige na she’s really adorable and I can’t get enough of her. The tone of her voice is my weakness and I could listen to it for hours. Although medyo weird ang arrangement nung song and she got lost in some of the notes, I didn’t love her less. I feel for her, lalo na nung naiyak sya backstage.

    Stefano- I kinda like his performance. Intense din sya kumanta I’m just scared for the veins in his head, feeling ko kasi it would explode any moment.


    Scotty- I love him! Where does he get that kind of voice? Sobrang GANDA! Country music is love.

    Naima- No wonder she got the pimp spot. Ang pasabog nya or palightning! I love her performance and yes the reggae part. Even if the song is kinda gasgas she was able to pull it off.

    I also go for Karen.

    Comment by Dan — March 11, 2011 @ 1:50 pm

    • E yung mas mahaba pa yung comment m sa post ko? Thia ftw!

      Comment by jaysonyang — March 12, 2011 @ 12:13 am

      • hahaha ba’t hindi na lang gumawa ng sarili no? nakakatamad eh. mas gusto ko na lang nagcocomment.hehe

        Comment by Dan — March 18, 2011 @ 2:06 pm

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