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November 3, 2011

X Factor US- Top 12

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The US edition of X Factor has been quite exciting since it started about a month ago. After intense rounds of eliminations, 12 acts have remained to battle for a 5-million dollar contract and the pride of earning the very first X Factor US crown.

Here’s my take on the show’s first ever Top 12:


Astro– Prior to the first live show, I have dismissed the thought of seeing this little boy in the top 12, but the kid got some talent and he deserves his spot after his performance which made the audience sing along and jump.
Marcus Canty– No doubt, this guy is the best singer in his category. I haven’t seen a winner potential so far, but if LA Reid can think of any way to make this guy current and relevant, he might get a chance to go far.
Chris Rene– Not the best singer, but he is definitely the one to beat in the boy’s category. No one can deny his massive star potential.


The Stereo Hogzz– The Stereo Hogzz did a decent job during the first live show, but I am not a fan of boy bands, never was, and never will be.
InTENsity– They will never win a competition like this, but they bring entertainment. And there’s Ellona, Filipino pride!
Lakoda Rayne– This group exudes freshness. I haven’t heard a hit girl group for a long time. Paula Abdul is one wise mentor for giving this group a country brand.


LeRoy Bell– Old man has a very nice tone and good recoding voice. However, if he’s not 60, everything about him is ordinary. But hey, he is 60, and he looks and sounds younger than his age.
Stacy Francis– The resident diva along with Melanie Amaro. She created a lot of buzz after her audition, but she hasn’t topped that round since then. She has an unbelievable vocal ability, but she always has the tendency to over sing.
Josh Krajcik– One of the good voices among the guys, but he lacks charisma and he is not very memorable. He’ll get the surprise boot.


Rachel Crow– Her first appearance already guaranteed her a spot in the Top 12. She has charisma and a star name. With the right song choices, this little girl will sail through the competition.
Drew– Without a doubt, the most phenomenal contestant in the Top 12. Her renditions of Baby, It Must Have Been Love, and What A Feeling are better versions of the originals. At 14, Drew is definitely a girl wonder!
Melanie Amaro– The most overrated contestant of the show and overrated contestants never win. However, her wildcard hype is a guarantee of a long stay in the competition. But this girl can live with her talent alone. She doesn’t need the pimp, because she’s one soulful and powerful singer.


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