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May 16, 2013

American Idol Season 12 Finale Review

And it takes one singing show finale before I write and update my blog!

Let me just say that this is the closest finale since the Clay-Ruben fight in season 2. And let me add that despite the ratings drastic drop and the obvious manipulation of desperate producers, this is one of the best final two contestants the show has ever had. I would not mind seeing any of the two girls win the crown, but after tonight’s show, my heart and hopes go to only one. Here is why:

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Round 1- Simon Fuller’s Choice

Kree Harrison (Angel)– I was not sure when I first heard that Kree is singing this for the reason that this is not in Kree’s songbook. Kree started beautifully, but the song didn’t go anywhere. The first half was wonderful. The second half was flat.

Candice Glover (Chasing Pavements)– I don’t remember any contestant singing this song on idol stage, so I was very excited to hear that Simon Fuller picked this for Candice. Plus, with Candice’s techniques, she would absolutely nail the song and give it a different flavor. Candice didn’t disappoint. She did not copy Adele, and did everything that she can do with the song tastefully.

Round 1 goes to Candice.

Round 2- Original Single

Kree (All Cried Out)– Kree delivered a simple, yet stunning performance. This is the perfect idol single. Release it now and it will sell millions.

Candice (I Am Beautiful)– It was a nice song for Candice, and she sang it perfectly, but I am not sure if this has the same appeal as Kree’s song and performance.

Round 2 goes to Kree.

Round 3– Repeat Performance

Kree (Up To The Mountain)– Kree delivered, and it was stunning.

Candice (I Who Have Nothing)– Candice delivered, and it was strong.

Round 3 goes to both of them.

So who won the night? Candice delivered the strongest vocals, but Kree delivered the most heartfelt moments. Candice impresses, but Kree touches hearts. With this alone, KREE HARRISON wins.


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